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AnneLhoui GM or GameMaster Application....

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AnneLhoui GM or GameMaster Application....

Post  bunch17 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:14 am

Forums Username – bunch17
IGN – AnneLhoui
Name – AnneLhoui Abalos
Date of Birth – September 2 1996
Age – 14
Location – Sangandaan, Caloocan City
Time Zone – GMT – 8
Languages Spoken – English, Tagalog
Years of Flyff Experience – 1-10

Personal Biography
- Well to start off I’ll just mention again that my name is AnneLhoui. I really don’t mind whether people call me AnneLhoui or Anne, either is fine. I am a 14 year old female and I’m currently in high school, going to the 11th grade this September and hoping to continue on into University with a possible career choice in Engineering. As we are in a world of technology, I must say I gladly enjoy the fun of video games, internet, television and whatnot. I’ve played numerous system games but I’ve been getting into PC games lately because of some of my friends. Games that I’ve played include Flyff, Grand Fantasia, League of Legends, Maplestory, Runescape, Neopets(I was a little kid). I do enjoy my games but I do have my fair share of interest in sports. I also enjoy playing Tennis, jackstone and Badminton. It’s the one sport I excel in to a great extent. However, I have previously made teams such as the Badminton team as well as the Baseball team. With school, sports, games, and my friends, there isn’t too much spare time. However, some of my hobbies include working with computers, reading, writing and just working with/repairing electronics. Other than that, there’s not much I can say besides the fact that I enjoy all the art forms and basically live like any other teenager in the world. I hope this brief paragraph has given you, the reader a better vision of who I am.

Motivation for this Application
- My reason for applying as a Game Master is simple. I have noticed in game that a lot of people tend to be confused, mostly new players as Giolog is an edited version of the original V15. I feel that if the game had Game Master’s such as me in the game that they could contact, they could ask questions to us in game which would avoid trouble on the forums and the constant pestering of members to the administrator. Another reason I applied for this job is because I noticed that it is a new server. Being a new server, it was a great deal of room to grow, and gain a reputation. I feel that I am a capable of being a great employee to the server and help the server grow to a great extent. I have all the knowledge required to be a Game Master and I know that if I am hired, I can bring a great name to this server and help it become something better.

Experience as a Game Master
- I’ve played many games and I have a wide variety of experience in terms of being a Game Master, or just having a position in which being an aid is required. I’ve been a Game Master and even an Administrator at many Flyff private servers as well as have been in a Game Master position in various games such as Online Pokemon. Besides this, I’ve been Moderator at a whole bunch of places which further shows my ability to play as a Game Master as Moderator and Game Master have many similar qualities within the two jobs except for the difference that Game Master’s deal with the actual game while Moderators usually stick to the forums and moderate them.

Flyff Experience
- As mentioned before, I’ve had many experiences at Flyff private servers in which I’ve worked as Game Masters, Administrators, and Moderators. I’ve worked in the Event Team at FlyForSpecial. This job required me to have a great amount of creativity and help create events for the community. This is a great advantage I have because not only can I monitor in game, I can even please the community by having random events throughout the day and just give the community something to do when they’re not levelling, making gear, or waiting for guild siege. I’ve been playing Flyff for a few years so I know just about all the in game functions as a Game Master, and I also know how to deal with common bugs and really can help in many fields such as helping with class builds, levelling tips, etc. The fact that I have acquired so much knowledge through experience is a great aspect that I can use to be a successful Game Master.

Hours Online
- Monday - Friday - 9am - 11pm
- Saturday - 8am - 11pm
- Sunday - 8am - 10am attending Mass and 11:00am Start Playing FLyff.

Useful Personality Traits
- Honest
- Possess qualities of initiative
- Hard working
- Intelligent
- Polite/Kind
- Can do multiple tasks at once
- Bilingual [Can speak to multiple branches of the community]
- Can work long hours
- Can host events
- Great knowledge about Flyff Game Mechanics and in game bugs

Additional Comments
- Before ending my application, I want to thank you, the reader for taking your time to consider my application to become a Game Master here. I know that there are a vast amount of applications that you must look through but I can assure you that my hard work and dedication will benefit the server in one way or another.
Thank you dearly,
Anne,AnneLhoui Abalos


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Re: AnneLhoui GM or GameMaster Application....

Post  jonystar0118 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:41 am

You should have Followed the GM Application Format =]


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