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Tatsuma's GM Application

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Tatsuma's GM Application

Post  tasuma on Sun May 01, 2011 1:04 am


IGN: Tatsuma

Age: 17

Languages: English/Tagalog

Gender: Male

Location: Philippines

Personal Info: Played Flyff for about 6 years.I’ve played as every class and know rather a lot about each one playing sky.
My Main Class is Blade made to 101 on flyffph was leveling good until,
people didnt want p lvl from me with no lags :< (little info on my eflyff Razz)
I’d prefer to work with the players so they wont be so bored. Im 1st year college student(IT is my course)

Expericence: Have Tested Many Private Servers DemonFlyff,Silence,Musuara,Genx,Cyclops,InsanityFlyff.
I’m quite well experienced in Flyff, having played from v7 till v15. ive been a gm on 2 servers before they went down due to hacking.
Was a gm for a few months on SilenceFlyff

Gaming Schedule: Usally online with most of my free time or when im not at work.
8am GMT - 5pmGMT
Work on sundays and wednesdays 3Pm - 10pm

Time on eclipse: ive been playing eclipse for a few months ive played thru rollbacks without complaining =].

[Why Should I Decide to make you a gm?]: Because i am willing to do what ever it takes to
make the server better and invite more people to join within my powers of a gm. i am a very patient gm and i am a fast learner doesnt take me long to learn it. =]

Have I Ever Been Kicked/Banned/Muted/Warned On Forums : No i have not been muted/banned/frozen or warned on forums for a bad post and i dont plan to be in a situation to be banned or ect.

If I Am Accepted To Be a GM: I will do the best of my ablities to make it a fun server for players and admins and players all alike =].
i can alternate the colors of weps pets and armors. Gives ideas for custom server items. make custom music lists =]

Email :

Please Comment Positive and Negative Feedback Always Helps =]


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